A Horse Boarding Facility Dedicated to Equine Safety & Personal Care

We were doing a bit of reading over the last couple of weeks, looking to see how we could improve our horse boarding facilities, and we came across an interesting article on the Colorado Horse Forum. The piece gave one of the better breakdowns of how a horse boarding facility comes up with a cost for their service.

And while we were impressed with the level of detail and thoroughness, we wanted to point something out to our current and prospective boarders. Even though the per-month totals the writers of that blog post came up with were well-supported and thoughtful, and supposedly took a fairly conservative approach to costing their services for boarding horses in Colorado, they still came out significantly higher than ours!

And that’s without really even getting into all the benefits we can offer as a smaller, more independent operator of a horse boarding facility.

Feel free to check out our services and prices here.

Horse Services with a Personal Touch

Because we’re a little smaller than many of the ranches offering horse services in the area, we’re able to give your horse a little more personal attention than they might get at a larger operation.

For one great example of how much pride we take in caring for your horses, during this weeks epic snow storm, Michelle – the owner of the facility herself – trudged out to the barn through 2 feet of snow to personally ensure that each one of our boarders was safe and sound.

That special care and attention comes from our deep love of horses, and horse people, but it’s not the only reason to board with us.

Here are some additional benefits.

  • Spring & fall barn days – We work with Dr. Dale Rice of Three Peaks Veterinary on our semi-annual barn day. It’s a convenient, fun way to keep your horse healthy with regular checkups, and to get to know your fellow boarders and horseback riding instructors, and the ranchers.
  • Automatic Watering – Automatic waterers ensure that your horse always has access to plenty of safe, healthy drinking water. Automatic watering also ensures that your horse’s water stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Limited number of boarders – In order to make sure you and your horse are as comfortable as possible, with lots of room to roam, we have a strict limit on the number of horses we board at once. This is the only way we can give your horse the individual attention he needs and deserves.
  • Easy access to trails and Douglas County Open Space – We understand how important turnout is for your horse’s health. At Snow Creek Ranch you’ll have access to miles and miles of trails, open space, and beautiful sunshine. And it’s close enough for you to get to it without trailering.
  • Environmental responsibility – Stewardship of our land is one of our most important core values. That’s why we go above and beyond even the requirements of Douglas County to ensure we have a negative carbon footprint, as well as a sustainable water usage footprint.

Douglas County Permitted Horse Boarding Facility Near Colorado Springs

One more advantage we offer is that we recently acquired our horse boarding facility permit from Douglas County. The permit means we’re subject to regular inspections for cleanliness, as well as the health and safety of the horses we board.

Because a lot of ranches offer horse services without necessarily getting their permits, we are held to a higher standard. This especially applies to the types of smaller facilities in our size range you’re likely to come across looking for horse boarding facilities between Castle Rock and Colorado Springs.

Compare Our Horse Services and Costs to Those Outlined in the Article

So feel free to go check out the article on Colorado Horse Forum. It does have some useful information. And then take a look at our horse boarding services and comparatively lower costs.

When you go down Horse Forum’s cost itemization, you’ll find that we’re under their line just about every time, and in the end, you’ll receive a bigger bang for your horse boarding buck with us.

Text 720-232-5669 or email us to arrange a tour and to find out more about our horse boarding facilities in Colorado.