Dr. Rice Makes the News

Dr. Rice made the news, trudging through the blizzard to help sick horses at the Terolyn Horse Rescue make it through last week’s snowpocolypse!

As many of our boarders know, Dr. Rice conducts a twice a year barn day every spring and fall at the Ranch, where he takes amazing care of our 4-legged friends. It’s one of the best days at the Ranch, because it’s a time for our community to come together for the health of our horses, and to get to know each other a little better.

We think it’s one of the best reasons to board with us!

Check out the video above, and make sure to visit Three Peaks Veterinary for all your large and small animal needs!

Then, head over to the Terolyn Horse Rescue page to donate or sponsor a horse.

Text 720-232-5669 orĀ email us to arrange a tour and to find out more about the perks of boarding your horse at Snow Creek Larkspur.