Exploring The Snow Creek Ranch Horse Barn

5 Reasons to
Board Your Horse with Us

Denver and Colorado Springs-area horse owners often find themselves asking what seems like a simple question: “where can I find a great horse barn near me?” What these horse-folk are really looking for is a horse barn that combines the best of both worlds – fantastic amenities and a personal touch. Plus, it would be helpful if the location was convenient.

The Snow Creek Ranch horse barn, just outside of Larkspur, is the answer to your prayer, offering many of the features of big-time horse barns, but with a small-town-friendly touch. Our small staff of on-site trainers provides a range of individualized horse boarding programs, as well as helping to create and maintain a strong, friendly, and close-knit community of boarders.

A trail rider’s paradise, Snow Creek Ranch is nestled in the heart of Central Colorado, near acres of open space and miles of trails for you and your equine partner to explore.

Here are just a few of the main reasons you’ll love boarding your horse with us.

Barefoot Barn – There’s a lot of talk in the equine community right now about the benefits of barefoot horse barns. Allowing your horse to go shoeless for a while may be a good option for your horse because it allows your horse’s hooves to expand and contract more naturally; it improves circulation; the hooves are strengthened as nail holes grow out; it provides greater traction.

It’s also safer for the other horses in the barn. We pride ourselves on keeping our barefoot barn clean, safe, healthy, and comfortable for both horse and rider – with onsite tack storage, and a strong and supportive community of boarders.

Onsite Trainers – Snow Creek Ranch hosts several onsite trainers boasting a variety of training specialties. If you have just purchased your horse and have never trained, and are not sure of how to find the perfect trainer for you and your horse, we can point you in the best direction. Finding the best trainer depends on a combination of your horse’s age and temperament, your own level of experience and expertise, and your training goals.

While we’re confident one of our trainers will meet your needs, we are happy to welcome a trainer of your choice as well. The more the merrier!

Sand Arena – Sand footing for your horse has many benefits when compared to other footing materials, taking into account both safety for your horse, and performance. Perhaps the most important is the fact that sand gives your horse a better, lower impact workout than they will get on dirt, while also preventing dangerous and unhealthy mud from building up in the pen.

Automatic Watering – Automatic waterers ensure that your horse always has access to plenty of safe, healthy drinking water. Automatic watering also ensures that your horse’s water stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

An automatic waterer saves water, helping to keep our environmental footprint under control, because responsible stewardship of our land is one of our core values.

Outdoor Round Pen – An outdoor round pen is more than just an excellent training tool. One of the most important benefits is that it creates a perfect environment for you to connect with your horse, allowing your horse to learn to recognize you as its leader and begin the de-spooking process. It’s a great way to train your horse to step over tarps, poles, or other objects. If you have just acquired your horse, a round pen is a fantastic arena for your first few rides, as you and your new partner get to know each other and bond. A round pen is ideal for liberty training as well.

Besides the training benefits for you and your horse, our pen provides absolutely breathtaking and serene views of the southern front range, Pikes Peak, and our local buttes. It’s the perfect environment for you and your horse to bond together in nature, under the majestic Douglas County sky.

We are passionate and knowledgeable about horses here, thanks to a lifetime of opening our hearts to them.
Let us put that knowledge and passion to work for you and your horse.

Call 720-232-5669 or email us to arrange a visit and tour our horse barn.