Colorado Horse Boarding Stables

Access to Miles of Horse Trails

We all know how important turnout is for the health of your horse. It’s one of the most important factors you have to account for when selecting Colorado horse boarding stables. The more time a horse is able to spend outdoors, the happier and healthier they tend to be.

While there are obviously times when your horse needs to be inside (weather, vet-mandated stall rest, etc.), at Snow Creek Larkspur, we take the importance of turnout for your horse as seriously as you do.

Horse Pasture with Turnout Access Is Great for Your Horse!

One of the best ways to get your horse the exercise they need is trail riding. And we have access to a wide variety of the most beautiful horse trails in Colorado – with beautiful rolling grasslands, stunning views of Pike’s Peak and several breathtaking buttes, and panoramic vistas of Central Colorado’s front range.

This easy access to Douglas County Open Space, makes it easy for you to take advantage of these health benefits of regular turnout.

  • Hoof health – Circulation is critical for hoof health, & exercise is essential for good circulation. When a horse is confined to its stall, they have a much harder time getting the exercise they need, potentially stunting the growth & strength of their hooves. Stall confinement also increases the possibility of issues such as thrush & white line disease.
  • Leg health –Being confined to a stall can also lead to stocked up legs & other leg injuries. Horses do get bored & frustrated, causing them to kick stall walls or feeders & by pawing. Pawing can also cause uneven wear on hooves, leading to other leg injuries.
  • Digestive health –Horses who get more time outside have less colic than horses who spend more time confined to their stalls, because the restricted movement slows the motility of the gut, leading to impaction, and Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS).
  • Respiratory health –As manure, bedding and urine decompose, they create caustic fumes, including ammonia. Ammonia will increase your animal’s risk of pneumonia & Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). These dangerous gases can be an issue in even well-ventilated boarding stables, as can dust, which is also a risk factor for COPD.
  • Vices –Yes horses develop vices, and in some ways for the very same reasons people do – boredom & frustration due to long periods indoors. Horse vices include chewing stall walls, cribbing & stall walking. Access to horse trails in Colorado is a great way to mitigate equine vices.
  • Companionship –Remember, horses are herd animals, so keeping them separated in stalls, where it’s difficult for them to interact, causes additional stress. Outdoor boarding pastures, such as those at Snow Creek Ranch, allow the horses to see one another & to interact, improving & maintaining their mental health.

Horse Pasture Near Douglas County Open Space

All of these health factors reinforce the need for your horse to get plenty of outdoor time. Snow Creek Larkspur makes it easy for you to get your horse plenty of outdoor time (it’s good for you too!). We have access to miles and miles of horse trails, and are adjacent to Douglas County Open Space.

Horse Trails in Colorado

Spruce Meadows Trail
1560 East Noe Road, Larkspur, CO

Of all the horse trails in Colorado, this may be our favorite. It’s super convenient to our horse pastures – there’s a trailhead just across Spruce Mountain Road from our private drive, so it’s unbelievably easy to get some good outdoor time with your buddy, just minutes from the boarding stables.

Cut through the grassy meadows between Greenland Open Space and Spruce Mountain, this 8.5 mile delight winds through gently waving fields of grasses and wildflowers, offering breathtaking views of the Front Range, Pike’s Peak, Spruce Mountain and the Ramparts. Water for your horse is available at stock ponds all along the trail.

There’s a large graveled parking lot off Noe Road, just south of our trailhead, with a port-a-potty, trash cans, a pen, and a hitching rail. You’ll run into other riders, bikers, hikers and dogs on your trail trot!

Greenland Trail
1532 Noe Road, Larkspur, CO 80118

South of Larkspur four miles and north of Palmer Lake in the Greenland Open Space. Take I-25 Exit 167, west .2 miles and south .5 miles to Greenland trailhead. Also accessible from the New Santa Fe Trail trailhead in Palmer Lake. The trailhead is a short easy trot from your boarding stable at Snow Creek Ranch.

Meadows stretch all the way to the sun-drenched foothills as you and your horse bond over this historical and scenic 11-mile loop. This horse trail system is contained within more than 3000 acres of Greenland Open Space. The southern part of the loop links to the Old Territorial Road, and connects the old Greenland Townsite to Palmer Lake.

Greenland Trail is surfaced with crusher fines and natural materials, and passes through native grasslands, past ponds, through rolling Gambel oak hills and skirts ponderosa pine forests. It features spectacular views of Greenland open space, buttes and Pikes Peak. You’ll be sharing the trail with other horseback riders, bikers, hikers, and leashed dogs. Besides the amazing views, you’ll find a group picnic shelter, restrooms, a covered kiosk, benches, water, parking for your trailer, hitch rails, an obstacle course and more.

Palmer Lake Reservoir Trail
Old Carriage Rd, Palmer Lake, CO 80133

Once you’ve done the Spruce Mountain and Greenland Trails, you can head a bit further afield to the Palmer Lake Reservoir Trail.

Nestled at the base of the Rampart Range, this classic Colorado horse trail is a moderately difficult 4 mile loop. There’s a wide variety of amenities, and you can sort of choose your own adventure, due to the varied nature of the trail itself, and its tributaries. For example, one trail splits off to the north where you can purportedly explore ice caves.

You’ll see a bit more traffic on this trail, because of its easy accessibility from the town of Palmer Lake. Hikers, bikers, cross country skiers and snowshoers, and leashed dogs will be sharing your views of the lakes.

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